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Who Is Mason?



Born and raised in Hutchinson, KS but he has traveled through various fields of the Sunflower State for around 18 years. Mason has spent considerable time in Texas, Japan and California. Currently residing in Lawrence, KS, he spends most of his free time looking for new stories to tell, listening to new music, watching films nonstop (sometimes writing about them), and consuming a considerable amount of professional wrestling. He is fascinated with the "Fake Paul McCartney" conspiracy theory, loves to eat pizza, and believes more people should practice empathy.


online content

The following is a small sample of online content produced in recent years. These examples reflect the wide variety of articles, reviews and podcasts that I have had a process of creating. I have helped edit and produce podcast series, write and edit articles, as well as curate website content. Check them out.


Concert reviews


"It was a great night to be at the Replay Lounge on Friday, June 12th. A full crowd packed into the Replay for a local music triple-header that would be feared by King Ghidorah himself. 

Opening the show was Via Luna, who readers might remember as the band who finished second in this year’s Farmers’ Ball contest. Via Luna played in peak form, reinvigorating their audience with math-rock guitar licks and solid onstage chemistry. The band opened their segment by playing material off of their Calm and Clear EP, later delving into new material that was debuted only months ago. Watching Christopher Gordon play on stage is extremely entertaining. He eyes the crowd like a hawk and bobs his head with lighthearted swagger as he cranks out song after song. He is a ball of energy that doesn’t scream for attention. Instead, he naturally lures you in by wooing you with his guitar..." READ MORE

Film reviews

"For this episode of "At the Movies," Timothy Weir and DJ Uncle Jesse sit down to discuss their top five films from the summer of 2016. They discuss "Swiss Army Man," and how polarizing the film can be for viewers. Paul Dano gives another consistent performance as Hank, a protagonist who seems to be lost (with emphasis on seems). Daniel Radcliffe seems to achieve in a role that has him breaking out of the Harry Potter chains that bind him. What is polarizing to many viewers is that he does so playing a dead body.

"Hell or High Water" is also a topic of discussion, with DJ Uncle Jesse going over how the film is the great movie to tackle the repercussions of the Great Recession. While Jeff Bridges doesn't offer much a different performance from his role in "True Grit," Ben Foster and Chris Pine offer a wonderful performance as brothers who rob banks for sympathetic reasons..." READ MORE




"MK: What are the benefits for you of being alone and having your own space? Because being alone affects people in different ways and some can’t be alone at all.
EO: I feel like things move too fast when people are involved. And it might be because of the culture we live in. But I feel like when I am alone, I feel like I have time to process things properly. And I never get bored. Everything in my head keeps me going. I am already taking in so much and trying to process it all. Taking in more people is sometimes not the best for me.
MK: When did you realize this? Did you know this inherently? Or were there experiences that taught you the importance of this over time?
EO: Looking back at my life, there were numerous occasions where people were out doing something and I had the option to be with them. But I didn’t want to be with them because I felt that I had no contribution to give to the group. So I would tell them no. And I have been doing that since I was eight or ten. I can only be around people when I have a sufficient amount of information to share. That is when I feel valuable to the group..." READ MORE

radio interviews and podcasts

"For the Spring Semester premiere of Live @ KJHK, DJ Uncle Jesse sits down with local Lawrence act, The Dear Misses, to discuss their place in the music Lawrence scene and the development of the band. They tell stories about their previous acts, how the band started and what they are currently recording now." READ MORE

Employment History

Kansas Memorial unions (Lawrence, KS)

Social Media and Marketing Producer (January 2016 - May 2017)

• Coordinated with different departments within the Union (retail, dining and service) to create content for social media distribution
• Scheduled and analyzed daily social media posts to increase interactions and online reach
• Created and worked on long-term social media campaigns to promote product specials and increased services to students
• Produced digital media for featured placement on new website pages
• Managed four different social media brands over three different platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

KJHK 90.7 FM (lawrence, KS)

Station Manager (May 2016 - May 2017)

• Collaborated with music labels for placement on iTunes Store sale campaigns
• Oversaw and managed 15 paid employees and over 120 station volunteers to ensure efficient station workflow
• Created plans for KJHK’s marketing team on strategies to promote KJHK’s new mobile app, local concerts and hiring
• Created and distributed a Community Survey for KJHK’s programming and marketing research
• Coordinated partnerships, sponsorships, promo releases and event management with other local businesses

Content Director (May 2015 - May 2016)

• Created and planned the new release of KJHK’s nationally recognized website,
• Managed KJHK’s brand new multimedia studio, KJHK 366
• Prepared and assisted with delegation and storage of video and audio equipment
• Trained and managed video/photo projects for a volunteers and paid employees
• Scheduled planned production and online distribution for KJHK’s sports, music and news content
• Posted and planned social media video campaigns to promote various KJHK projects
• Curated various content for KJHK’s new Youtube Channel, KJHK 90.7 FM

Multimedia Director (May 2014 - May 2015)

• Hired and lead a production staff on set for live music videos, local event coverage and online commercials
• Trained and used DSLR cameras, Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, Photoshop, Audition, Bridge) and ProTools
• Booked artists and bands for live, in-studio performances on the radio program, Live @ KJHK
• Produced and edited live music videos for the award-winning Youtube channel, Live @ KJHK
• Created social media content to promote local events and shows for KJHK’s online audience

Apple Inc. (Cupertino, CA)

Artist & Label Relations - iTunes and Apple Music (May 2016 - August 2016)

• Collaborated with music labels for placement on iTunes Store sale campaigns
• Curated lists of upcoming album releases for internal Apple Team
• Verified and managed artists' social media accounts for Apple Music Connect
• Worked with independent artists and labels looking for feature content on Apple Music and iTunes
• Researched enhancements to features within Apple Music and iTunes Connect
• Presented recommendations to Apple senior management and business team

KCPT (Kansas City PBS Affiliate)

Digital Media and Online Content Producer (May 2015 - August 2015)

• Produced and edited culture/news content for KCPT’s PBS television broadcasting
• Filmed and edited videos live music performances for radio affiliate, 90.9 FM The Bridge
• Curated multimedia content for 3 KCPT affiliated websites (KCPT, The Bridge and Flatland KC)
• Developed marketing ideas and content to encourage donations during radio pledge drives
• Analyzed Google Analytics data to improve staff efficiency towards content production